About E-mail Courses

In the spirit of “competitive cooperation,” The Christian PEN presents online courses taught by contributing members of the network. These courses are designed especially for editorial freelancers, to enhance their professional skills and boost their income.

Lessons are posted by e-mail once a week, usually on Mondays; students view the lessons at their convenience. Some classes have optional “homework assignments” to which the instructor will respond with corrections and suggestions. Some courses are interactive, encouraging members to participate in online discussions. Other classes simply involve reading and studying the lessons.

The level of participation is up to each student. You can join in the group e-mail discussions, or just read the lessons, or even save the lessons to study at a later time.

Contributing members of The Christian PEN receive discounts on all online courses! Click on the “Join” tab above to learn how to become a contributing member.

“The Christian PEN’s online courses are an excellent value. The quality of instruction and the personal feedback always exceed my expectations. I have taken a class every session for the past year–and now the perennial ones are beginning to repeat. I can’t wait for the new ones in the spring. I highly recommend PEN classes for anyone seriously considering an editing career–and to writers wishing to improve their craft.” — Vie Herlocker

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List of Online Courses, Past & Future

Some courses are offered every year. Others are offered periodically or upon request.

Offered Annually:

Offered periodically or upon request: