How did you become connected with the author?

I’m an inhouse editor, so I was assigned the project. But I fell in love with this one in the acquisition meeting. I adore how Christie takes such a concrete view of the fruit of the Spirit and makes it fun and interesting for kids and parents.

What do you enjoy the most about the editing process?

Reading. Seriously I love to read, partly because I adore learning new concepts about new people and places. But I also love being able to help an author clarify their basic concept and see a book really shine.

What tips can you give other freelance editors about working with authors?

Editing is all about being part of a team—you and the author—working together to spark something inside the reader. As an editor, I always make sure I know what the author hopes the reader will take away from the book. That gives me a frame of reference to direct the author. From there I keep in mind that even with twenty-five years of experience, I don’t know everything (just ask my kids!). I’ve learned that asking questions helps the author focus on what is most helpful for the reader rather than on what they’ve done “wrong.” And often my asking the question allows the author to find their own (often better than my) path.

What does working on an award-winning book mean to you?

I love that another of the books I’ve edited has won an award. Really, it means Christie did a fantastic job speaking to her audience. I’m honored to have been a part of that.

About Janyre Tromp

Janyre Tromp is an award-winning and best-selling writer and veteran editor with a deep love for history.

Her mid-20th century historical novels always simmer with a healthy pinch of deliciously creepy suspense and include Darkness Calls the Tiger, Shadows in the Mind’s Eye, and O Little Town.

And all that editing and writing happens in her unfinished basement when she’s not hanging out with her family, two troublesome cats, and slightly eccentric Shetland Sheepdog.

And just in case you get to meet in person some day, you pronounce that first name Jan-ear.

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