How did you develop the idea for this book?

For eleven years, I led a Bible translation project in West Africa. A major part of my job was making sure the translation stayed as close as possible to the original meaning by studying the Bible in Hebrew and Greek and researching commentaries and dictionaries.

When I returned to the US, God called me to use my expertise in translation and exegesis to create a free online commentary written in everyday English. It bothers me that so much wonderful information about Scripture is locked behind commentaries that cost thousands of dollars and use language that requires an advanced seminary degree to decipher. That was my motivation for creating

From there, I started receiving feedback that I needed personal application along with my commentary. This didn’t fit with the purpose of the website, so I decided to create a Bible study series. Creation and the Flood is the first book of the series.

What did you enjoy the most about the writing process?

I like to joke that I have the spiritual gift of research. I love to discover hidden details that shed light on the meaning of Scripture—whether cultural, linguistic, or scientific. That God allows me to then share that research with others through my writing is just a bonus.

What did you struggle with the most during the writing process?

Coming up with application questions is the hardest part of writing a Bible study for me. Some stories lend themselves to personal application. Others don’t, or they have similar applications to other stories, making it hard to not be repetitive.

What tips can you give authors about working with freelance editors?

Don’t be afraid of the editing process. A good editor wants to make your book the best it can be. A healthy author/editor relationship is a partnership working together toward this goal. This means communication is essential. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and discuss options.

What does winning the Editors’ Choice Award mean to you?

Winning the ECA validates my suspicion that there’s a desire for scholarly Bible studies alongside the more prevalent devotional studies. Since Creation and the Flood is merely the first in a planned series, I feel more confident moving forward with publishing more books.

About Samantha Mero

Samantha Mero is an internationally experienced Bible translator, biblical scholar, and linguist. She led a Bible translation program in West Africa for eleven years and continues to teach through her writing from her home in Georgia. When not scouring Bible commentaries, she enjoys watching sports, trying new recipes, and spoiling her nieces.

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