By Ralene Burke


When people find out I’m a social media consultant, one of the most common questions I get from writers and editors alike is “Do I really need to be on social media?” The answer is YES! (And I meant to capitalize that word.) I’ve met the majority of my new clients in the last year through social media, mainly on Twitter and in Facebook groups.

Social media offers a different type of advertising for freelancers. It’s marketing based on earning trust and developing relationships. While graphics and creative wording may draw potential clients in, it’s the way they relate to you through social media that will encourage them to take a chance and use your services.

So, how can an editor use social media? What benefits can they garner from such marketing? Editors can

  • develop reputation as an expert in the field.

Whether through articles on blogs or tips on Facebook/Twitter, editors can show potential clients the ins and outs of the writing/editing process. They can share the rules and guidelines that govern our jobs, the tidbits that are either not known or not understood by the everyday client. When potential clients can see your knowledge, they’re more comfortable approaching you.

  • take the opportunity to learn from others and to share that knowledge with still more people.

Every day thousands of articles are being shared across thousands of topics on social media. By following the right pages/profiles, editors can stay on top of any aspect of publishing—and then share what they learn with their followers, be it other editors or potential clients.

  • network with potential clients and social sharers.

The biggest benefit of social media is the opportunity to connect with just about anyone anywhere in the world. Using social media, editors can connect with current clients, writers, publishers (of any kind), companies who may need an editor, and social sharers.

What are social sharers? These are people who, when they trust a person, will share that person’s content with their followers. I have a writer friend who is a social sharer. When she sees me advertising my business, she’ll retweet, share on Facebook, and maybe even link up on one of her blog posts. And if you have several social sharers in your social media circles, the reach can be endless.

Yes, building a social media platform takes time. Big results do not happen overnight. It takes consistency and focus with a purpose. Still, social media can provide many opportunities for editors. The best results come from defining your goals and your target audience and then catering your posts toward achieving said goals. But that is a process for another blog post . . .

In the meantime, how do you use social media now? What have you done that has been effective, or what hasn’t worked?


Whether she’s wielding a fantasy writer’s pen or a freelance editor’s sword, Ralene Burke always has her head in some dreamer’s world. And her goal is to make it SHINE! She has worked for a variety of groups/companies, including Realm Makers, The Christian PEN, and as an editor for a number of freelance clients. Her first novel, Bellanok, is being published as a 4-part serial.

She is wife to a veteran and homeschooling mama to their three kids. Her Pinterest board would have you believe she is a master chef, excellent seamstress, and all-around crafty diva. If she only had the time . . .

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, or at her website.