About Us

Freelance editing can be a lonely profession. It takes a special kind of dedication to care about details of punctuation or nuances of character development. The Christian PEN’s mission is to support you in the work God has called you to do.

In 2004, a client asked editor Kathy Ide to recommend another freelance editor for a project. Kathy knew of several organizations that provided networking for Christian writers, but none for Christian editors. Realizing there must be a way to connect editors with different specialties, Kathy contacted a few editors to see if they would be interested in creating a group, and The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network was born.

Since then, The Christian PEN has become an international organization that provides resources to help you confidently navigate the challenges of freelance editing. Our motto is “Empowering established and aspiring editors with networking and community,” and we strive to live up to this motto by offering a range of benefits at three different levels.

At any level of membership, you can receive discounts on editing software to support your workflow, continuing education to sharpen your skills, and our annual virtual conference to connect you with industry professionals. All members can request access to our private Facebook group and our dedicated prayer request loop.

At the Silver and Gold levels, you’ll find a thriving community in our email loop, which connects editors of varying experience and specialties. Ask a question in the PEN Loop, and you’ll typically get answers within the hour. This camaraderie and shared expertise regularly make the list of our members’ favorite benefits.

No matter where you are in your editing journey, we exist to support you and connect you with others who know what it means to be a Christian editor. Whether you’re looking for discounts on software or education, community with other editors, or opportunities to advertise your business, join us here and discover why one member says, “The value of belonging to a group that shares my commitment to communicating with excellence cannot be calculated.”

Meet the Team

Kathy Ide

Owner/Manager, Christian Editors Association

A longtime author and editor, Kathy Ide is passionate about serving the Christian editor community through the organizations she has founded beginning in 2004.

Lora DonceaLora Doncea

Assistant Director, Christian Editors Association

Lora Doncea views editing as ministry and has shared her expertise as a PENCON faculty member, instructor at The PEN Institute, and Editors’ Choice Award winner.

Jayna Baas director photoJayna Baas

Director, The Christian PEN

Jayna Baas has been director of The Christian PEN since 2022 and loves to see other PEN members benefit from this organization as much as she has.

Valerie RieseValerie Riese

PEN Tips Blog Coordinator

Valerie Riese is a best-selling author, writer, and copyeditor who also serves as a PEN Institute instructor and graphic designer and as the PENCON technical assistant.

Pam Lagomarsino

PEN Prayer Coordinator

Pam Lagomarsino specializes in nonfiction editing and serves her fellow PEN members by managing the confidential prayer request email loop.

Zoey Lackie

PEN Facebook Group Coordinator

Dedicated to helping new authors find their wings, Zoey Lackie extends that dedication to fostering personal connections in the PEN’s members-only Facebook group.

The Christian PEN is dedicated to empowering aspiring and established editors with networking and community. Join us today and find encouragement from like-minded professionals.


The Christian PEN is a division of Christian Editors Association, which equips and empowers Christian editors through community, education, and resources. CEA is also the parent company to Christian Editor Connection, PENCON, and The PEN Institute and sponsors Editors’ Choice Award.