Written by Ken Walker

After the rollercoaster of 2023, this year has been looking like a rerun. In early January, the author pulled the plug on a ghostwriting project I had expected to start that week. As the month progressed, I wondered why the pastor who liked my preliminary editing suggestions had never sent his manuscript. When I called to ask, I learned he had finished the book with someone else. Soon after, I did a brief sample edit of a memoir but decided against working on it. A few days later, another author rejected my bid to revise her book.

In the midst of this losing streak, I read a story about Ordinary Angels, starring Hilary Swank. (If you missed its short theatrical run, the movie is worth tracking down online.)
The article caught my attention because of its ties to Louisville, where my freelance career threatened to collapse before it prospered.

The movie is about a girl who required a liver transplant but needed help to get to the airport because of a 17-inch snowstorm. Some “ordinary angels” cleared the parking lot at a megachurch, where a helicopter picked up the girl and her father, enabling her to make it to life-saving surgery.

I remember this blizzard well because it happened two weeks after we moved to Louisville. The night before, we were supposed to get a dusting of snow followed by rain. Instead, we awoke to a foot of snow and more falling. The storm paralyzed the city. The day after, a contact in Denver overnighted material to me for a quarterly newsletter I produced for his nonprofit. It took six days to arrive.

Soon after, I interviewed for a “real” job with a steady salary. I had been freelancing for six years and things weren’t getting any better. A few days later, I finished reading the memoir of a man I had met the previous summer. A former drug dealer, after accepting Christ he had become the principal of a Christian school. I had started the book but set it aside. Suddenly I found myself compelled to finish the last seventy-five pages. As I read, I learned he had been fired as principal. Parents gathered to protest, but the Lord told him, “Tell them to stop. I don’t want you looking at a nice position or salary. I want you looking to me.”

Those words leaped off the page and hit me between the eyes. God didn’t want me depending on a steady income; he wanted me depending on him.

Thirty years later, I have been through never-ending ups and downs. Sometimes they still wear on my nerves, especially after the first quarter of 2024 was my worst in years. Yet I know I can depend on the Creator of heaven and earth.

No matter how long you’ve been freelancing, it always helps to get reminders that we have a God who knows our situation and will supply our needs.

Ken Walker is an experienced ghostwriter, coauthor, and book editor who has written, edited, or contributed to more than 90 books. They include a number of professionally published books in the fields of health, personal experience, and teaching, and self-published memoirs—the latter a growing niche in the publishing world. Ken is also an experienced freelance writer, having written for a variety of national publications. He is still a regular contributor to websites of two denominations. Ken enjoys using his writing and editing skills to help others relate what God has done in their lives. Samples of his work are available on his website, www.KenWalkerWriter.com, or you can email kenwalker33@gmail.com.