Member Testimonials

The Christian PEN is my first (and best!) stop when I am looking for either education or fellowship in my editing life. I deeply appreciate their yearly conference, the high quality of their continuing education classes, and the daily conversation that takes place on their email loop. Editing can be a solitary career at times, but being a part of The Christian PEN has given me a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful community in the midst of my work!
Jessica Snell
I joined The Christian PEN soon after beginning my freelance editing business, at the recommendation of another editor—and I’m so thankful I did. The editors who make up The Christian PEN are generous in sharing their insights, advice, and expertise. I love knowing I have a place to ask questions and share ideas with other editors. This community has become such an important part of my experience in the editing world, and I highly recommend it to others as well!
The Christian PEN is an amazing resource. The forum for asking and answering editing questions is helpful and timely. The fellowship with other believers is encouraging and refreshing. If you are a Christian writer or editor, I highly recommend this group.
Penny Johnston Power Words Editing
When I first decided to pursue freelance editing as an additional income source, someone suggested I join The Christian PEN. I did because I wanted to take a few of the classes. The content was wonderful, but what I’ve discovered over the years is that the camaraderie among the members is the greatest benefit. The ability to ask questions and receive insightful answers from a whole bevy of talented editors and writers…it’s invaluable. Even though I’ve stepped away from most of my paid editing work at this point, I remain a faithful member.
Robin Patchen Robin’s Red Pen
The PEN is a great place to learn all about editing and launching a successful editing career.
I love The Christian PEN! I have been to two PENCON conferences and learned so much. Before I started my editing business, I took online courses to get certified in proofreading and editing and then found The Christian PEN. I wished I’d found it sooner! I’ve met great people, love the PEN Loop and have learned so much through it, and feel blessed to have found such a warm, supportive group of people who share my Christian faith.
Without The Christian PEN I would never have gotten my editing business off the ground. While the courses available through The PEN Institute have been critical to developing my editing skills, the value of belonging to a group that shares my interest in and commitment to communicating with excellence cannot be calculated.
I was editing long before I heard of The Christian PEN. Once I joined, I was thrilled to find a huge family of editors who shared their knowledge, experiences, and resources with the group. I made many personal friends and professional connections, got involved in various areas (writing PEN blogs, teaching PENCON courses, judging editing contests), and my editing life expanded and blossomed. As a member of CEC, I have received many excellent leads. I highly recommend any editor or proofreader—beginner to advanced—to join The Christian PEN and enrich your personal and professional life.
Lora Doncea Edits by Lora
I can’t overestimate how much the CEA community has changed my life for the better. My dreams of transitioning out of a soul-sucking job to do what I love are coming true. The people, the courses, the people, PENCON, did I mention the people, they’re all amazing!