One-on-One Mentoring from PEN Founder Kathy Ide

I am pleased to offer personal tutoring for those who:

  • are considering getting into the field of editorial freelancing
  • have already started freelancing but wish to improve their skills
  • have been freelancing for a while but wish to expand their business


Kathy Ide

We’ll start with some in-depth e-mail discussions regarding such topics as:

  • where you are in your editorial freelance career
  • what types of jobs you want to get
  • what kinds of clients you want to work for
  • what sorts of writing you want to edit
  • what levels of editing you believe you’re qualified to offer
  • what you’ve already done that has worked (and what hasn’t)
  • what you’re looking for in this mentoring relationship

Based on these discussions, I will provide my personal recommendations for specific steps you can take, considering where you are and where you want to be.

COST: $100 (up to 2 hours)


You may send me any promotional materials you have or form letters you use with clients, and I will proofread, edit, and offer suggestions for improvement.

I can also proofread, edit, and provide recommendations for improving your website.

COST: $50/hour


You send me something you’ve proofread and/or edited. (This can be something you’ve been paid to edit, but it doesn’t have to be. I can work with any file you’ve already done some proofreading or editing on.) I will look it over to see what you may have missed, or to comment on anything you wrote that could potentially be misunderstood or misinterpreted by the client. Then I’ll send it back to you with my suggestions for improvement.

COST: $50/hour

There are two submission methods you may choose from:

  1. MAIL. Send me a copy of a printed manuscript you’ve edited (not your original!). Please include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage to cover the return of your pages plus an extra page or two.
  2. E-MAIL. Send me an already edited manuscript by e-mail, with a different filename from the original you have on your computer (perhaps adding “_KI” to the end of the filename, for example).

Send as many pages as you wish as often as you wish, until you feel comfortable and confident in your editing abilities.

There are two levels of instruction you can choose from for your submissions:

  1. OVERALL CRITIQUE. I will look over your edits and, on a separate sheet of paper (or electronic file), offer general suggestions for how I think you could improve. For your first critique, estimate 6 minutes per double-spaced page (10 pages/hour) in 12-point font. Additional critiques will be estimated based on the actual time required for the previous one. That way, as you improve, the cost will decrease.
  2. IN-DEPTH EDIT. I will mark my corrections and suggestions on the pages (or in the file) of the edited manuscript you send me. For your first edit, estimate 10 minutes per double-spaced page (6 pages/hour) in 12-point font. Additional edits will be estimated based on the actual time required for the first one. (As you improve, the cost will decrease.)
      1. For e-mailed files, I will use Track Changes (unless you request some other method). When you get my file back, study the comments I’ve made and incorporate the ones you want to use in your original file. (Do not send a client the file that has my tracked changes on it, because they’ll show up with my name in the correction box instead of yours.)
      2. For hard-copy manuscripts, I’ll mark my suggestions directly on the pages. (Make sure the manuscript is double spaced.) Do not send a client the copy I send you, as my marks will be in my handwriting and in colored ink, while yours would be in black on the copy.

When you send me a manuscript, be sure to specify whether you want an overall critique or an in-depth edit. And let me know what date you would like the manuscript returned to you by. (If less than 4-6 weeks, e-mail me ahead of time to check my availability.)


If you’re interested in this program or have questions, e-mail me.

I look forward to working with you on a personal, one-on-one basis to improve your editing skills and enhance your freelance editorial business. I have learned a lot from other professionals along the way, and I enjoy being able to “pay it forward.”