Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Network News is our quarterly e-newsletter and is sent to all members via MailChimp.

Members are encouraged to submit material for each issue. Please note the following guidelines.
Contact us using the form below with comments, questions, or to receive specific submission contact information.


Please send all submissions to the specified contact in a Word document.

  • Format in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.
  • Photos and graphics should be jpg or png files.
  • Do not send pdf files.

All members may submit:

Snippets (maximum word count: 150)

  • Editing quips and quotes (be sure to provide the source of the material)
  • Related photos or graphics (be sure to provide the source of the material)
  • Humorous anecdotes
  • Announcements of upcoming writers’ conferences
  • Notices of contests
  • Industry news

Faux “Paws” (maximum word count: 150)

  • Typo sightings
  • Puzzling prose
  • Pictures of errors on menus, signs, flyers, etc.
  • For all submissions, please remove any identifying information that might embarrass the source.

CMOS Highlights (maximum word count: 150)

  • Q&A from CMOS forums
  • Challenging questions with their answers

Gold and Silver Members may submit:

Articles (word count: 200–300)

  • Editing Exercises
  • “Ask the Editor” questions
  • Reports of writers’ conferences you’ve attended
  • Any article related to editorial freelancing

Featured Editor Interviews (word count: 300–350)

Book Reviews (word count: 150–200)

  • Suggest a book to be reviewed
  • Offer to write a book review

Member News (word count: 100–150)

  • Endorse an outstanding book you’ve edited
  • Please include a link to one or more websites where the book can be ordered. (Linking to an author/publisher site needs permission from author. Please obtain prior to submitting.)
  • Submit a graphic of the front cover
  • Share an uplifting experience with an author that emphasizes our ministry as Christian editors.
  • Share why the manuscript is worthy of mention and/or how editing this project or working with this client helped you grow professionally, personally, or spiritually.
  • Because these books are promoted through The Christian PEN, please keep in mind our Statement of Faith as you consider authors/books to feature.

Devotions (word count: 200–300)

Network Spotlight (word count: 300–350)

Would you like more info about Network News?

Let us know if you have a question or would like more detailed submission guidelines.