“The Mentally Healthy Editor” and “An Editor’s Prayers” are the two keynotes Bob Hostetler will deliver at PENCON 2021. With decades of experience in the publishing industry, Bob will inspire you to balance your spiritual and professional life.Here are more tools you can add your skill set by attending PENCON 2021:
  • Invest in self-care by learning how to maintain a business during a personal crisis
  • Attract new clients by offering an e-book editing and formatting package
  • Build better relationships with clients by gaining conflict resolution skills
  • Hone your punctuation skills for more efficient, consistent editing

These sessions are just a few of the ways you can learn new techniques and build your business at PENCON 2021. We offer top-notch education at an affordable price—less than $10 a session.

Please contact Cristel at admin@penconeditors.com for more details.