Silver Members

The Christian PEN’s Silver members are freelance editors and proofreaders with a variety of skills, specialties, and levels of experience. Click the editor’s name to view their linked website, portfolio, or profile.

Becky Antkowiak
Stephany Araujo
Rebecca Armstrong
Kim Autrey 
Jayna Baas
Barb Barnes
Sarah Barnum
Jami Bennington
Adam Blumer
Janice Boekhoff
Bridgette Booth
Lois Bos
Marcie Bridges
Kathy Brown
Kelsey Budd
Kimberly Byrd
Rachel Camp
Jill Carr
Mark Carter
Cindy Chatham
Michele Chynoweth
Karen Cleghorn
Jan Coles
Paul Conant
Neil R Coulter
Carina Crabtree
Reneé Criswell
Jessica McCurdy Crooks
Stephanie Cross
Althea Damgaard
Julia Downey Davis
Carrie Del Pizzo
Melissa Dennis
Bebe Dodd
Donna Downs
Janice DuFloth
Marissa Earl
Gayle Eng
Linda Farmer Harris
Bethany Fehr


Anna Katherine Montgomery
Robyn Mulder
Cecil Murphey
Gina Mushynsky
Cathy Oasheim
David Olawoyin
Cathlin Parker
Sharon Partridge
Robin Patchen
Edwina Perkins
Kim Peterson
Cristel Phelps
Tim Pietz
Terri Poss
Lori Price
Robert Quattlebaum
Elizabeth Reed
Shirley Reynolds
Christina Rich
Valerie Riese
Carla Rossi
Leslie Santamaria
Jocelyn Schamber 
Elizabeth Simrell
Susan K. Stewart
Michelle Tipton
Claire Tucker
Mollie Turbeville
Lisa Tynan
Ruth Verkaik
Maria White
Becca Wierwille
Martin Wiles
Judy Wilson
Heather Wood
JoAnn Reno Wray
Joan Yi


If you prefer support in your search for an editor, we offer a matchmaking referral service through our Christian Editor Connection* (CEC) division. Our personalized search process connects you with Christian editing professionals experienced in the skills your project needs. Best of all, this referral service is free! All CEC members are established, professional freelance editors with two or more years of book-editing experience and have passed an extensive screening process, including references.