Silver Members

Click on the Silver member’s name to view their website, portfolio, or profile.

Allison Hebert
Andrea Merrell
Anna Katherine Montgomery
April Kidwell
Ashleigh Stevens
Barb Barnes
Bebe Dodd
Bethany Fehr
Bridgette Booth
Britta Ann Meadows
Burton Laine
Callie Johnson
Carla Rossi
Carrie Del Pizzo
Cathlin Parker
Cecil Murphey
Cindy Chatham
Claire Tucker
Cristel Phelps
Denise Loock
Denise McAllister
Derinda Babcock
Diana Grabau
Dori Harrell
Edwina Perkins
Elizabeth Reed
Emerald Skelton
Gina Mushynsky
Ginny L. Yttrup
Gleniece Lytle
Hannah Vogltanz

The Christian PEN’s Silver members  are freelance editors and proofreaders with a variety of skills, specialties, and levels of experience. Each editor is listed below under his or her main specialty but may provide other services. Click the editor’s name to view their linked profile, portfolio, or website.

The Christian PEN does not vet editors and therefore does not vouch for the services provided by our Silver members. If you’d like to find a freelance editor who has been screened and tested through an extensive application process, please visit our editor referral service Christian Editor Connection.