by Christi McGuire


I’m sitting here editing … another book proposal, one of my favorite things to do … and I hear a song. The song of a bird, high atop one of the massive pine trees that congregate in our back acreage.

Out the window, I can see the lone bird, nestled and content. It’s so loud, so strong, I think to myself. Surely there is another bird joining in.

Nope. Just one bird. Singing for anyone—or no one—to hear. Singing because it can. Because that’s how God created it.

“The birds of the sky nest by the waters; they sing among the branches” (Psalm 104:12 NIV).

This bird has a beautiful song, and I sit and listen, enraptured by its melody. One bird. One song. One moment that brings so much joy and peace, even if it’s only for me.

No matter what the weather, no matter what the other birds and animals are doing, no matter that no other creature joins in … this bird sings its song.

Do you sing your song? Do you do what God created you to do?

Regardless of the weather, your emotions, what others are doing, what social media posts, whether others join in or understand or appreciate?

Editors don’t often get the glory. Our names aren’t on the book covers, and we’re rarely thanked in the acknowledgements. Not many people know what we do or even realize we exist. But we do. God gave editors a special job—to impact all of the words, all of the messages, all of the books, magazines, newspapers, flyers, and newsletters that exist in the entire world.

Now that’s quite a job, eh? That’s enough to sing about. Dear Editor, sing because you can, because you love to, because you were born to—whether everyone or no one knows about it. Because that’s how God created you.

So whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you are … sing your song.

“Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth” (Psalm 96:1 NIV).


Christi McGuire, freelance editor, writer, and consultant, has been in the Christian publishing industry for over fifteen years. Formerly an editor at LifeWay Christian Resources, Christi has published over one hundred magazine articles, dozens of children’s devotionals, and ten years of VBS curriculum. She is also the coordinator for the Christian Editor Connection, an organization that matches authors with professional editors. Currently, her primary focus is partnering with authors in the creative process to polish their manuscripts and book proposals and help them navigate the path to publishing. Visit her website at