by Sue A. Fairchild

2020 is almost over! It’s certainly been a tough one for everyone. Although the virus will not magically disappear (we could only hope!) when the clocks ring in 2021, we can still evaluate what did and did not work in our business endeavors and make plans for the new year.

  • Did you take on a job you wish you hadn’t? Or didn’t accept one you wish you had? Consider any regret you might have and then decide how you’d make a different decision moving forward.
  • What specific goals do you have for 2021? Would you like to expand your freelance clients or start working for a publisher? Decide what steps you’d need to take to achieve these goals. Ask others for advice and seek out mentors.
  • Do you need more education to make your business thrive or to land that big publishing job? Check out online courses like those from The PEN Institute, study style manuals like the CMOS, and, again, ask others for help. There are also many online editing groups where editors of all levels ask questions and help each other. Check out The Chicago Manual of Style‘s Style Q&A page as well.
  • Do you need to factor in more rest in 2021? Maybe the stress of the world’s problems and your hectic schedule really wore you down this year. What could you change or implement to add more physical and spiritual rest? This could mean getting up earlier every day for a bit of quiet time with the Lord, staying up a bit later and doing some yoga, or even finding thirty minutes in your day for a short walk – without multitasking!

2020 was a tough year; it cannot be disputed. But we know we can always find rest in the Lord and His purpose for our lives will always prevail if we stick close by His side.

My prayer for 2021 is that everyone, including myself, can cultivate a relationship with the Lord, that a cure or vaccine will be found for COVID-19, and that we will all strive to give each other and ourselves a bit more grace.

God bless you and Happy New Year!

Sue started out as a devotion writer, but now also claims the titles of editor, proofreader, speaker, and writing coach. She has written and self-published three books as well as helped a variety of authors get their manuscripts into readers’ hands. Sue loves working with clients who are working toward the greater good of sharing God’s message in this world. Check out her website here: