by Bobbi Temple

If you have written a Christian book manuscript, you may have heard about getting it critiqued. Writing conferences tend to offer these opportunities. However, you certainly do not need to attend a conference to get professional feedback for that godly piece of passion you wrote.

The Quick Critique
Many Christian editors and agents offer manuscript critiques in the form of quick, one-on-one coaching sessions, charging one low rate usually, under $400. A manuscript critique is designed to identify broad weaknesses in your Christian book manuscript without fixing them.

“You need to work on your characters.”
“You tell more than you show.”

This “crit” conversation, lasting 15–30 minutes, points you in the right direction to correct errors and deficiencies in your work.

The Critique Report
Some Christian editing professionals offer a deeper manuscript critique delivering a printable report. This service may imitate aspects of information a Christian writer would receive through a substantive edit, but it is not nearly as detailed.

A substantive edit catches all the little foxes in the field, whereas a critique report informs you about the foxes in the field through one example.

Although less invasive compared to an edit, I’ve seen editors charge fees similar to substantive editing rates. Therefore, if you find it difficult to hand your Christian book manuscript over for a professional edit because you feel the need to self-edit and self-publish, hire the right Christian editor for a critique report.

Other types of Christian book critiques that might interest you:

Picture Book Critiques
Buy this critique if you would like honest feedback and helpful tips about your Christian picture book dummy.

Illustration Critiques
Buy an illustration critique if you want detailed feedback to help you improve your Christian children’s book illustrations.

Portfolio Critiques
You might wonder if your illustration portfolio website delivers the best message. Buy this to improve your professional online presence.

A Christian editor improves your work. Don’t hesitate to schedule a quick critique for your Christian book manuscript.

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