by Jenne Acevedo

Christian Editor Network LLC is excited to create the Christian Editing Standard Rate Chart. We have compiled a questionnaire to collect data regarding editing rates, and we are asking every Christian editor, regardless of experience level, to complete the survey. Please take about ten minutes to fill out the survey now. It includes multiple ways editors charge for their services, so some of them might not apply to all editors. But we hope the variety of questions will provide us with enough information to identify how fees are set across the board.

Over the years, we have been asked by our members and several nonmembers about how to set freelancing rates. Since a standard rate chart hasn’t existed for Christian editors, we decided to tackle this task to create a standard chart for the Christian editing industry. Read our FAQs for more details.

Our desire is to help freelancers at all levels stay competitive in their fields, offer professional services, and start new businesses. Everything we do at CEN is to equip and empower Christian editors, and we look forward to publishing our findings for the industry.

We plan to collect data through November 1, 2018. Then we anticipate the review process to take several weeks as we sort through the data and compile trends. We will publish the findings in early 2019. Watch for announcements and check out more details on the rate chart page.

Thank you for being a part of the new Christian Editing Standard Rate Chart!

Jenne Acevedo is a freelance editor, writer, and speaker who encourages and assists writers in their journeys to publication. She is a co-owner of Christian Editor Network LLC, the director of The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network, the director of PENCON, a member of the Christian Editor Connection, and a member of American Christian Writers Association. Jenne also leads the Chandler Writers’ Group, which she started in 2011. Find out more about Jenne at