by Tisha Martin

For me, Psalm 23 is more than just a pastoral psalm, it is the key to the path of freelance success. However, that dream path was so big I wasn’t sure I could follow it. Sometimes dreams look bigger than they really are, yet in many respects, self gets in the way of the largeness of that dream, and it really isn’t the dream looming before us. The obstacle of success is us.

After I finished a ten-year debt-free devotion to completing a bachelor’s in Professional Writing and a master’s in English Education, writing and editing flowed through my veins—I dreamed it, ate it, read about it, and jabbered on about it. But I still didn’t “feel ready” to launch my editing career. Surely I’d fail.

You’re grinning now—because you know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there, too.

A friend pointed out Psalm 23 to me in a way that enlightened, encouraged, and enlarged my faith. “’To lie down in green pastures,’” she said as we sat across from each other, coffee cups in hand, “means to ‘graze in security.’” As the Good Shepherd, God guides his children and wouldn’t want them to fail, so why should I think such failing thoughts?

After I removed self from my dream and put my hand in God’s hand, letting him lead, I began to see stellar results.

With our business in the palm of God’s hand we can establish or continue our editing business with these three steps:

  1. Rest in God because he has given the ability to start or continue an editing business
  2. Network and build relationships with people, industry professionals, and businesses because we won’t grow our business
  3. Pray for God to give the increase because we have met him halfway by reaching out to people

We can go anywhere, do anything because God is there each step of the way, guiding with his secure hand. We are positionally secure in Christ, which allows us to graze successfully with God.

Owner of TM Editorial, Tisha Martin specializes in historical fiction, academic writing, and creative nonfiction. She is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers Association and The Christian PEN, and editor and proofreader for beginning and bestselling authors, professional editing agencies, and publishing houses. In 2014, she started Unraveling History Critique Group, a community for published and unpublished historical fiction writers. As Assistant Director for PENCON, she enjoys organizing the conference and creating advertising and marketing content for the Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Connect with her on Facebook or follow her Pinterest board for writers and editors.