by Tisha Martin

Most editors tend to work through the holidays, sacrificing the time with family or friends because the deadline must be met regardless. The deadline must go on.

The beauty of snowfall and the children’s exclaimed glee capture our heart, but the looming deadline banishes us to the solitude of our office.

When we would rather be joining the family around the piano for afternoon carols, we are chained to the chair and computer.

Although the Black Friday Deals tantalize our pockets because we are budgeting the holiday spending, we glue ourselves to the project.

Deadlines don’t regard the holidays.

Perhaps the above scenarios don’t describe every editor’s dilemma. However, if the deadline is between the holidays or soon after, we must schedule our time wisely and efficiently to satisfy the deadline without sacrificing family time or outing.

That said, the above scenarios described me this Thanksgiving season. Last week, I had a tight deadline to finish before the week’s festivities commenced. For 24 hours plus some overtime, I was banished to the office, chained to the chair and computer, and glued to the project. I taped an “Office Closed” sign to the door, alerting anyone who dared knock that the office was zipped. No interruptions, please.

Here’s how to handle those holiday deadlines:

  1. Persistence is key, especially when editing or proofreading. Put in place whatever helps you secure that solitary focus.
  2. Passion is necessary because if you lack it, the project will sit on the hard drive and never get completed on time. Convey the general details of the project to your family so they will understand why you have that office door barred.
  3. Prayer is vital, for without it we work in our own weakness and therefore, forfeit God-given strength of persistence and passion needed to finish on time.

Thanksgiving is past but still lives in our hearts. Christmas is looming beautifully.

Regard those deadlines and family time with care.

Owner of TM Editorial, Tisha Martin specializes in historical fiction, academic writing, and creative nonfiction. An active member of American Christian Fiction Writers Association and The Christian PEN, she appreciates the writing and editing communities. Tisha is editor and proofreader for beginning and bestselling authors, professional editing agencies, and publishing houses. As Assistant Director of PENCON, she enjoys organizing the conference and creates advertising content for the Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Connect with her on Facebook or follow her Pinterest board for writers and editors.