Written by Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

Hiring an editor during the publishing process is crucial for any author. Even though the author knows the manuscript inside and out, an outsider’s perspective can help identify any oversights that may have been missed due to proximity to the work.

With the expansion of the Christian audience, the demand for quality content has become increasingly important, and the editor plays a vital role in helping to polish it. An editor’s responsibility involves ensuring that the content is grammatically correct and aligns with the values and beliefs of the Christian audience. Therefore, it’s essential for an editor to possess the following three important qualities:

  1. Faithful: Editor for the Christian audience must be faithful to the Word of God. They should have a deep understanding of the Bible and be able to identify and correct any content that contradicts biblical teachings. They should be willing to research for accuracy when they don’t know something. By doing so, they ensure that the content resonates with the Christian audience and helps them grow in their faith.
  2. Compassionate: Exhibiting compassion is a vital trait that sets Christian editors apart from others, empathizing with the readers and writers they work with. They must understand the emotions and sentiments of the Christian audience and ensure that the content is informative and uplifting. This means being able to provide constructive feedback to an author without being harsh or critical.
  3. Detail-oriented: Editors should be detail-oriented. They must be able to spot errors in grammar, syntax, and punctuation and ensure that the content is well-structured and easy to read. They should make sure the content is engaging and informative and that it aligns with the values and beliefs of the Christian audience. Detail-oriented editors don’t change the voice. Writers each have their unique authorial voice—and good editors will never try to alter it. While they may suggest ways to clarify a point or tighten up a sentence, they won’t randomly change word choices to fit their view of what it should say.

Faithfulness, compassion, and attention to detail are qualities that are vital to creating high-quality content that resonates with the Christian audience’s values and beliefs. By collaborating with such an editor, writers can develop informative, uplifting content that aids the Christian audience in their spiritual growth.

Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes, EdD, is a writer/content editor. She works for Iron Stream Media as a book coach/editor. She’s a sensitivity reader for Sensitivity Between the Lines and an editor/contributor for Inkspirations. She is the board’s vice chair for the 540 Writers community. Her writing has been published in Guideposts. You can learn more about Katherine at DrKatherineHayes.com.